Using Mold Testing in San Francisco to Stay Healthy

by | Mar 12, 2015 | Home Improvement

There are few areas in the world as beautiful as the Bay Area in Northern California. But the Bay area also offers an environment that welcomes the prospects of these dangerous fungi. Mold is a big concern in the area since, being located on the coast, the very humid environment promotes the growth of mold. So what do you do if you find mold growing in your home or office? The first thing you need is to find a professional that offers mold testing in San Francisco.

Mold Testing is Critical

Mold testing in San Francisco is an important public safety issue. There are thousands of types of mold, and they all have the ability to adversely affect your health. Mold can cause a large variety of illnesses. It can affect you, your children and even your pets. Symptoms like allergic reactions, asthma, eye and nose irritations and respiratory issues are all signs of excess mold in the area.

By having a professional perform the mold testing in San Francisco, you will receive a comprehensive report on all aspects of the spores. Mold is quantified by the amount of spores it produces. The spores are how the mold travels and populates new areas. It is also how it affects people. The spores travel through the air to be inhaled by humans and pets. Once inside the nasal canals or throat it starts creating health problems.

Identify the Enemy

Having the mold tested and identified expedites the remediation process. There are also forms of mold that are more dangerous than others are, so a risk assessment will accompany your test results. You can buy mold testing kits but why take the chance? Mold testing in San Francisco is done by a certified expert that is properly prepared to handle the fungi.

Testing includes air, surface and bulk testing. Air samples will tell you how concentrated the spore are in your home or office. The samples are taken and placed under a microscope to identify the type and density of the spores. Another reason to have a professional do this is because the density in the air can change drastically under various conditions.

Types of Tests

Surface testing takes samples from growths of spores in your home or office. Samples are collected by swab, tape lifting or other methods. They samples then go under the microscope like with air testing. Results can vary because the spores can move depending on changing environment conditions.

Bulk testing is where the professional takes a sample to the lab to grow the mold. This is how they identify the type of mold that has propagated. If all this information worries you, this is another reason to hire a professional that does mold testing in San Francisco.

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