Month: August 2015

Fluoropolymer Coating: Teflon By Any Other Name

If you have never heard of a fluoropolymer coating, you are not alone. Fluoropolymer is part of an omnipresent group of compounds called polymers. They occur both naturally – such as rubber, silk and wool, and synthetically, with products such as plastic. The...

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Ultimate guide to choosing your shade tents

When the sun is glaring outside, and you are looking for some shade within your tent, then shade tents would be the best option for you. Assembling process of shade tents or canopy tents is really a simple task. Moreover, you get much more protection from the sun if...

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The Basic Steps In Steel Fabrication In Los Angeles

The steps an industrial metal supplier and fabricator go through when preparing to take on a project of any size are important to ensure a top quality final product. Each component of steel fabrication is essential and failing to pay attention and monitor quality...

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