Understanding Root Canal Surgery in St George UT

by | Mar 12, 2015 | Dentist

When many people hear they need Root Canal Surgery in St George UT, they become a little panicked. This is because many people are not aware of how the procedure is carried out, so they are not fully prepared. People who have gone through this procedure often equate the pain level to that of getting a tooth pulled. A root canal can be performed so your tooth can be saved from loss.

Root canals are now less invasive than ever, with specialty tools being used. The dentist first opens the tooth so he or she can view inside the soft tissue structures. These structures will be removed as the tooth is being cleaned out. It is imperative the inner tissues are removed, so they do not continue to be damaged. It is also important the dentist removes the nerve, so the tooth no longer causes pain.

Once the tissues are removed, special canal files are used. These files are precise and can go into the tiny root structures of the tooth. The tools work to scrape down the inner portions of the roots, so no tissue residue or infection remains behind.

Completely cleaning the tooth helps to prevent further damage. The dentist will need to then fill the tooth with a special filling material. This material settles down into the root structures and the inside of the tooth so it becomes more structurally sound. After this portion of the filling has been cured, a special sealant will be placed over the top of the tooth to offer further protection.

If the dentist feels the tooth is still not strong enough for full function after Root Canal Surgery in St George UT, he or she may make the decision to place a crown over the tooth. Crowns offer a shell of protection to help prevent damage from occurring when chewing or biting down.

If you are in need of a root canal procedure, give Premier Dental a call. They specialize in keeping smiles healthy and will work towards helping you achieve a beautiful smile. Call today for your appointment, so your procedure can be carried out.

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