Designer Upholstery Fabric

by | Apr 30, 2015 | Home Improvement

Before you completely make up your mind on designer upholstery fabric, you need to make sure it is the option you really want to go with. There are many styles, colors, and designs to choose from.

Small Spaces

When you are decorating in a small space, it can feel limited in what you can do with it. However, if you have an older chair, you could dress it up with some playful patterns of designer upholstery fabric. You can make a room appear bigger with bright, cheery colors.

Neutral Palette

If you are trying to make a neutral palette “pop,” there is hope. You can utilize an armchair to make the color of the room show more. You can use fabric that adds a little more “funk” to the room, and it will pull it all together.

Small, Soft Patterns

When you utilize small, soft patterns, it can sometimes make the same impact as bright, large patterns. Sometimes it is best to use the “less is more” approach when it comes to decorating. You can still get the same overall look and bring the colors of the room together.

Mid-Century Look

If you are going for a modern or mid-century look, try using rectangular shape and clean line patterns on your chairs. You can pull a vintage chair together by using that type of designer upholstery fabric. You can even use retro dots.

Make a Statement

Are you a bold person? Do you like to stand out and make your home stand out? The best option for you would be bright patterned fabric. This look can make your home come off as sophisticated and fun. You can give a chair a tailored and professional touch with this option.

Chevron Style

If you are looking for a sophisticated design that will go with neutral colors, a chevron print fabric would best suit your home. Chevron can typically pull any type of chair together and make it look phenomenal.


Before you go out and purchase a bunch of fabric to complete your project, you should first ask for samples. That way you can take the samples home, hold them up to the chair or whichever belonging you are wishing to decorate, and then you will be able to get an idea on what it will look like.

No matter which project you are looking to do, you can always choose a pattern that will suit your needs with designer upholstery fabric. Just remember to take samples and be sure of what you want before purchasing, so you can transition your chair smoothly. The nice thing about fabric is that you can change it out in the future if you want another change. You can completely transform something, even antiques with this type.

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