Mistakes To Avoid When Buying Industrial Floor Scales

by | Oct 8, 2015 | Construction and Maintenance

Industrial floor scales are an important component of many different processes, manufacturing lines and even for batch weighing. Having the right device in the right location in the line or the process sequence is essential, so carefully choosing the right scale is paramount to getting the best value and the most economical option available.

There is a wide range of different models, designs and even capacities of floor scales on the market today. There are also those that are highly rated for durability, easily rated at 250,000 to up to 300,000 loading cycles under normal loading capacity as set by the manufacturer.

With all the top products on the market in industrial floor scales, avoiding common mistakes should be easy. Unfortunately, many buyers fail to consider the cost of these sometimes cost-cutting factors, resulting in a lower quality scale with lower performance and accuracy and increased downtime due to increased needs for calibration and troubleshooting.

Your Budget

While it would be nice to simply buy the floor scales you want, regardless of the cost, most companies don’t have that type of budget. The good news is when you buy from a top manufacturer you will be getting a very high-quality scale, and you will have models, designs and options that fit your budget.

Top companies will also have options in different designs of scales that may be more suited to your specific needs. By tapping into their expertise, you can find the model, design and price that works.


When it comes to floor scales, quality really does count. When a scale isn’t accurate, you cannot measure correctly,= or you may find your end product or process is not consistent. Even a slight error on a scale can have big results to your bottom line, especially when specific measurements in chemical, plastic, or industrial processes are not consistent load after load.

Load Size

When buying quality floor scales from top companies, try to avoid thinking of your current usage needs as your final usage needs. If you anticipate your company growing in the next few years, upgrade your requirements for a floor scale to reflect this anticipated growth.

By choosing floor scales that have the capacity to keep pace with your company growth, you will save money in the long run. Not only will you have the scale size you need but you will also not have the downtime to replace the scale, allowing you to continue with optimal production as your company grows and expands in the future.

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