Your Options When Booking Lake Cumberland Cabins

by | Oct 9, 2015 | Boating

Thinking of staying at Lake Cumberland in Southern Kentucky? Instead of staying at a hotel or posh resort, consider renting a cozy cabin for the duration of your stay.Lake Cumberland cabins are available at the state parks, some of the resorts, and as private rentals. Consider the types of amenities that are available with each type of cabin.

Lake Cumberland State Park Cabins
There are several cabin options at the state park. The Lure Lodge overlooks the lake and is close to the on-site indoor pool complex. The rooms include two beds, an en-suite bathroom, and a TV. The Pumpkin Creek Lodge rooms are similar, but they include a living area. Each of these options comes with full maid service.

The cottages are larger than the lodge rooms and come with a full kitchen and small dining area. The cottages are fully furnished and include all cooking utensils. Some of the cottages include a fireplace. You can enjoy wireless Internet access inside the cottages.

Lake Cumberland Resort Cabins
For a more luxurious stay, booking a cabin at a resort is the way to go. Resort cabins offer modern amenities and so much more than the state parks. Many Lake Cumberland cabins are lakeside; therefore, some brokers offer boat rental on-site. Resort cabin rentals are ideal for those who are budget conscious, but they include a quiet retreat with all the comforts of home. Cabins range from one to three bedrooms in size, and most are furnished with a full kitchen and fresh linens upon request. Staying at a resort often means you have access to a restaurant or two on the grounds as well.

Private Cabin Rentals
Private cabins are another option. They offer a private setting away from other visitors but come at a price. Because you would be staying at a private residence, you might miss out on common amenities such as a swimming pool, maid service, and on-site recreation. However, private cabins often offer perks such as free high-speed Internet, satellite TV, and higher quality furnishings. Some private cabins are equipped for larger groups, so if you have six or more guests in your party, consider this option.

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