How to Select the Best Hand Dryers for Your Business

If you want to invest in a hand dryer for your business, you may be wondering how to choose the best one. There are dozens of hand dryer manufacturers, all of which offer dozens of makes and models. So, how do you go about choosing the best hand dryers for your business? Hopefully, this guide will help.

Contemplate the Costs

One of the greatest benefits of investing in a hand dryer is the cost savings. Commercial hand dryers are designed to reduce the long-term costs of paper towels and paper towel maintenance which, depending on the nature of your business, can quickly add up to hundreds to thousands of dollars each year. Hand dryers, on the other hand, come with a single upfront investment of between $75 to $1,000 a piece, but very little long-term investment. If you have a lot of foot traffic in your building, the more expensive model might be a better fit for you; however, if the only people who frequent your building are a handful of employees, the best model may cost you less than $100.

Think About Energy Use

Energy use will affect the overall cost of your hand dryer as well. Some hand dryers are more high speed, which means that people will be able to dry their hands in as little as 10 seconds, while others are lower powered and take up to 45 seconds to do the job. Higher powered dryers obviously cost more in the short-term, but they don’t necessarily cost more in the long-run. Higher powered dryers get the job done more quickly, which means they use less energy over a longer-period of time. Depending on how frequently you expect a hand dryer to get used, a more expensive, how powered one may be the better option.

Consider Durability

If you plan on placing your hand dryers in office restrooms, you may not need to invest in durable equipment. However, if you plan to place your dryers in the restrooms of an after-school activity center or a restroom at the entrance of a shopping mall, it may be worth the investment to pay for more durable appliances.

Think About Hygiene

Some hand dryers are more hygienic than others, with some designed to reduce the presence of germs in the entire restroom. If you plan to place your hand dryers in a public restroom that receives a lot of foot traffic, look into health-friendly hand dryers. However, if you plan to place them in employee restrooms, you may not need to pay for the more expensive option.

Choosing the best hand dryers for your business can be difficult. However, by considering the most important factors such as cost, energy efficiency, durability, and hygiene, you can narrow down your options and purchase the best one for your business. Visit for more information.

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