How Different Dryers Work

Fast drying hand dryers can have a lot of potential benefits, such as sanitation, a healthier environment, and lower cost. There are a lot of different types of dryers out there on the market, and they have had a lot of growth in a relatively short amount of time. They don’t all work the same, however. Here are some differences between how they work.

The older models of dryers used an evaporation method. At the time, it was great compared to alternatives, however using exclusively evaporation can be extremely inefficient. This type of dryer works starting with a motor turning a fan. The fan blows air over a heating element before shooting it out onto your hands. The combination of the air and the heat works to evaporate the water off of your hands. However, you may find yourself with damp hands once the dryer turns off.

The newer models, the fast drying hand dryers, work a little differently by pushing the water off of your hands instead of simply evaporating it. These models use less energy generally, especially because they work faster. The way they work is by using a lower volume of air pushing through a smaller outlet, creating increased pressure and speed. Although there is some evaporation involved, it mostly works by blowing the water away. There is still some heat involved, but it is more for comfort.

There are many different types of dryers, and they all work in slightly different ways, but this is the way that some of the most basic ones work. No matter which type of dryer your company chooses to get, any of them could be better than using paper towels due to all of the benefits that they can provide for the customer, the environment, and the business. The one that you choose to use can depend entirely on your preferences. Visit for more information.

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