How To Use A Tube Notcher Safely

by | Nov 17, 2016 | Industries

A tube notcher is often used in auto manufacturing, creating “fishmouth” shaped notches in tubing. While this is an incredibly useful tool that performs a very important job when it comes to building or repairing cars and trucks, it is one that can be dangerous. Whenever using new equipment, always read the safety instructions. Experts recommend reviewing safety guidelines and manuals once every six months or so, to ensure that you remember the finer safety points of each piece of equipment you use. Here are a few guidelines on how to use a tube notcher safely. Click here for tube notcher.

Wear Protection

Always wear personal protective equipment whenever using a tool such as a tube notcher. This includes wearing eye protection each and every time you use your notcher. The tube notcher cuts into the metal in such a way that small flakes of metal can come flying off the tube, potentially causing severe damage to your eyes if left uncovered. It’s also important to wear safety gloves, as the tube will be incredibly sharp immediately after being cut. Be sure to grind the sharp edges down before welding the tube to any other part.

Take Care Of The Equipment

Be sure you take care of your equipment in order to preserve its lifespan and be sure that it continues to operate in a safe manner. The teeth need to be well lubricated, and should always be run on a slow speed to prevent premature damage. It’s a good idea to use cutting oil on your saw, and to be sure you wipe down the shaft after each use.

Keep Everything Well Secured

Before you begin using your tube notcher, be sure that it is well secured. Even if you are attaching it to your existing drill press, be sure to attach in in such a way that it is well secured to the table before use. In addition to giving you more precise results, it will help to keep you safer throughout the process. Visit for more details.

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