Advantages of Hydraulic Press Brakes

by | Nov 21, 2016 | Business

Since the 1970’s, hydraulic press brakes began replacing mechanical brakes due to a number of reasons. Parts for mechanical brakes often break down and need to be replaced or repaired, which quickly adds to maintenance costs. Hydraulic brakes offer a number of benefits including, low cost, easy maintenance, accurate repetition and bending, easy and quick setting, and tremendous versatility to name a few.

Another advantage the hydraulic press brake has over mechanical press brakes is that the hydraulic brake’s fixed tonnage can’t be surpassed so the brake can bottomed at full tonnage over and over without risk. The hydraulic brake can’t be overloaded to the point that the die or press brake is damaged and will automatically stop when it reaches the selected tonnage. It can also be withdrawn at any point of the job. Another capability the hydraulic brake has over the mechanical one is that it can be set up to make identical parts in minutes. They also full rated power throughout its stroke and has a longer stroke compared to a mechanical brake, which limited in stroke length because of its crankshaft design.

Buying used hydraulic press brakes is a great way for a new company to save money on a high quality machine that is essential for all industrial businesses. These machines are used mainly to bend and fold metal by pressing it into a die. You can use it for either specialized metal work and create a one of a kind shape, or for continuous production if you want to mass produce something. They are designed to handle tough industrial jobs that range from single-cycle operations to automated cell components. They have extensive bending capacity and networking function and are utilized to eliminate marking aluminum, stainless steel and pre-coated steel.

When looking for high quality refurbished machinery at a great price, choose a company that has the experience that comes with years of working with the highest quality of refurbished machinery available in the industry. You will to talk to highly trained sales associates and technicians who will be able to answer all your questions and help you make the best choice for your company.

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