Finding the Best Beam Clamp Fall Protection

If you work in the steel construction industry, you may have the need for beam clamp fall protection gear. This equipment offers special features and serves a special purpose. It’s important to choose the right equipment for fall protection, and here are some of the best choice on the market today.

Guardian Beamer 2000

The Beamer 2000 is a sliding beam anchor, and it can be used overhead or below your feet. It’s made to easily slide across steel beams on nylon bushings, with no problems. It also doubles as an impact indicator if someone were to fall. The end piece works by ratcheting in either direction, and you can use the Beamer 2000 over and over again.

Make sure to check the manufacturer’s recommendation to get the right shock absorbing lanyard. Here are some of the important features you will receive:

  • Easy to use – it only takes one hand to operate, and no tools are needed.

  • Easy to work with – your beam clamp fall protection slides as you move.

  • Light yet strong – even though it only weighs 4 pounds, it is built strong and approved by OSHA. Plus it is ANSI Z359.1 compliant. The Beamer 2000 is made out of strong aluminium, and splatter from your welder will not stick to it. Clean up is a breeze.

Guardian Beamguard (Standard Post)

The Beamguard will fit girders or beams with top flanges from 4 to 13.75 inches wide and as thick as 1.75 inches. Use it with a horizontal lifeline or as your own anchor post. The post is 42 inches long and two workers can use it at the same time. Posts can be as close as 10 feet or as far apart as 60 feet.

Your Guardian Beamguard comes with these features:

  • Two shackles

  • Cable clamps made from drop forged steel

  • Clamping bolts

  • Sling tensioner made from wire rope

  • Components are all metal and steel

  • No in line shock absorber required

  • Easy to set up and move to your next job

Minotaur Beam Anchor

Do you need beam clamp fall protection which is easy to use and meets all OSHA and ANSI standards? The Minotaur Beam Anchor is simple and durable. This anchor will slide wherever you go and it is very easy to install and operate. You can use the Minotaur on beams 12 inches all the way to 30 inches. However, it’s made for H and I beams with a minimum of 5,000 pounds load capacity.

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