How a Plastic Beer Carrier can Help Impact Companies

Many companies are striving to meet consumer demands for more environmentally friendly products. Instead of using plastic bottles or aluminum cans, some companies, especially smaller beer and soda makers, are going back to glass bottles. Some companies are also reducing the amount of packaging in which their products are shipped.

Benefits of Reduced Packaging

Along with helping to cut costs for the companies, reducing the amount of packaging used for products also helps the environment and consumers benefit as well. Something as simple as using a plastic beer carrier to hold a six-pack of bottles has both practical and intrinsic benefits for companies that produce beer or soda.

Saves Money

Reducing the amount of packaging a company uses helps them reduce their costs. By converting to a more simple type of packaging, a company may not have to order paper products from a separate vendor. They may be able to produce all of the packaging they need on site. In addition, by using a more simple type of packaging, such as a plastic beer carrier, companies can increase the amount of product they send per shipment, which helps save on transportation costs.

Provides More Flexibility

Changing packaging to a plastic handle carrier can give beer and soda makers more flexibility in package sizes. Instead of the standard six- or twelve-packs, they can offer their products in package sizes of two, four, six or eight-packs. This can help them attract more customers who may only wish to sample their product, so they can offer a two-pack of their soda instead of the standard six-pack.

Attracts Customers

Many consumers will buy products from companies who demonstrate concern about how they impact the environment. Since reducing packaging will keep more waste out of landfills, some consumers will buy their soda or beer from a company that uses less packaging, even if they have to spend a bit more for the product.

Consumers Save Too

By using less packaging, businesses also help consumers save money. Not only will it help reduce the price of their products in many cases, but also consumers will throw away less packaging, which can help reduce their trash bill. It also allows consumers to feel better about not having to put so much waste into landfills.

Easier to Recycle Packaging

Using recyclable plastics for a beer carrier allows consumers to put the carrier in their recycling bin rather than having to throw it away. Consumers generally feel better about being able to buy products with recyclable packaging, so more of it stays out of landfills or isn’t tossed away on the side of roadways.

There are several benefits companies will see when they are repackaging and reducing packaging for their products.

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