For Water Heater Issues, Calling a Professional who handles Plumbing in Richmond VA is Best

by | Dec 10, 2014 | Heating & Air Conditioning

If you are having issues with your water heater not producing hot water, you should consider contacting professional who handles Plumbing in Richmond VA. Many times water heater issues are easy to fix. However, often they are more complicated to deal with and a professional can often handle the problem much more quickly and efficiently than most homeowners can.

One of the first things a professional from a company handling Plumbing in Richmond VA will do is to inspect the various elements, like water, gas and electricity coming in to the system. Many of the problems with hot water heaters are due to one of these elements being shut off or wiring or tubes being damaged.

The components heating the water will also need to be inspected. This can include the pilot control valve, pilot and thermocouples on a gas unit. On an electric unit, the heating elements should be checked. These various parts can become faulty very easily and may need to be replaced so water can be heated again.

If the above issues are all working well, the unit may have become lined with mineral deposits. When this occurs, it can stop the transfer of heat to the water from the tank. A professional can check this by allowing water to drain out of the drain relief valve at the bottom of the unit. This water should be drained into a bucket so it can be inspected for signs of minerals and other deposits. If a good amount is present, the unit will need to be flushed.

Flushing the unit requires allowing all water to drain from the tank. The water will then be switched on and allowed to fill and exit the tank. Water will be allowed to flow through the tank in this way until the water exiting the tank is clear. This should correct the problems with a lack of heated water.

Keeping your water heater running well is essential in keeping your home and those who live in it clean and healthy. If you are facing any type of issues with your water heater, you should contact the professionals at M.A. Williams Inc. for assistance.

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