Maximizing Efficiency of air conditioning units in Woodbridge VA

by | Jun 18, 2015 | Heating & Air Conditioning

Even though Woodbridge isn’t in the Deep South, and it gets cooling breezes from the bay, hot weather can be frequent in the summertime. If central air conditioning breaks down early in the season, a homeowner might consider not having it repaired. It doesn’t actually have to be turned on all that often. However, last July and August, sometimes temperatures soared into the 90s and the house would have felt unbearable without that fresh, cool air coming from the vents. Before the dog days of summer really take hold, it would be wise to call a service specializing in fixing air conditioning units in Woodbridge VA. That way, the house won’t become excessively warm on those hot, muggy afternoons.

When a homeowner does run the central air, it makes sense to turn the thermostat up somewhat before leaving for several hours. If the temperature is normally set at 76, for example, it could be boosted to 80 or 82. The air conditioning unit won’t have any trouble cooling the place back down that small number of degrees, and electricity won’t be wasted on keeping the house at 76 degrees when nobody is there. When outside temperatures drop at night, people commonly open windows and keep the house comfortable that way. Even so, it’s a lot harder to accomplish this if the house does not have central air and the interior temperature moves into the 90s during the afternoon.

A company such as website name can simply install a programmable thermostat, so homeowners don’t have to remember to turn the temperature up when leaving at regular times, such as for the normal work schedule. In today’s technologically advanced marketplace, remote systems also are available that can be operated from practically anywhere. That way, if someone leaves for the weekend and forgets to change the thermostat, the change can be made later. Skilled technicians also can install zoning systems that work for both furnaces and air conditioning units in Woodbridge VA. This cools the rooms where people spend time and leaves unoccupied rooms, such as the guest room, at a warmer temperature. That maximizes efficiency and keeps utility bills lower.

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