Tips for Taking Care of Your Diamond Bands

While diamonds might be the hardest substance in the world, they are definitely not completely indestructible. While they are only able to be polished or cut by other diamonds, a hard hit or blow may cause them to become chipped. This is why it is essential that you never wear any type of diamond jewelry, including diamond bands, when doing any type of rough work.

Caring for Your Diamond Bands

You should never store you diamond bands beside other pieces of jewelry, since this can cause scratches. The ideal storage location will be a jewelry case that is lined with fabric. Another option is to wrap your jewelry in pouches or soft tissue paper individually.

It is also important to inspect your diamond bands frequently, which will let you know if the setting is still secure. If you have noticed any type of loosening to the prongs or other type of damage, you should take it in to a professional jeweler right away. It is generally a good idea to have any diamond jewelry you own inspected by a professional once yearly. This will allow any necessary repairs to be made and for the jewelry to be cleaned.

The Importance of Cleaning

When you jewelry is exposed to everyday items, such as household chemicals, hairspray, skin oils and creams, they can cause buildup that will make your diamond appear dull, reducing the sparkle and brilliance of the diamonds. You can remove this build up by using a solution composed of a few drops of ammonia and warm water. For more extensive cleaning of diamond bands, you can use a soft bristled brush.

Cleaning Your Diamond Basics

Some tips to help ensure your diamond looks brilliant for decades include:

  • Handle the diamond sparingly.
  • Clean the diamond on a regular basis.
  • Use a soft touch if cleaning a diamond with a toothbrush.
  • Don’t use solutions that may be harmful, such as chlorine or other types of abrasives.

In some cases, the use of an ultrasonic cleaner will be required to successfully remove any encrusted dirt on your diamonds. With the high frequency sound waves and detergent solution, these types of cleaners will ensure that all grime and dirt that has accumulated is successfully removed. Keep in mind, this cleaning method can also make the stones shake loose from their actual mounting, so you should not use it on settings that are fragile, or have the process completed by a professional.

When you invest in regular cleaning of a diamond, it will ensure that the jewelry stays in great condition for many years down the road. Having a professional complete the cleaning will also ensure that there are no other issues with the diamond jewelry that you have.

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