Five Good Promotional Products for a Business

by | Jan 28, 2016 | Marketing & Advertising

One of the biggest make-or-break factors that determine the success of any business is how effective it is at advertising and the way I approaches promotions. For a business to succeed it must be able to convince buyers over and over again that they have a need that their brand and product can fulfill better than anyone else. Using promotional items like calendars, office supplies, promotional ceramic mugs, and other customized products are a great way to get your name out there in front of customers on a regular basis. Here are some of the best promotional items you can use to help advertise your business, products, and services effectively.

Glasses, Cups, Mugs

One of the latest trends for promotional items is the use of customized glasses, cups, and mugs, and customers really like it. Having your business name and logo on a mug that is easy to use and practical is a great way to get in front of customer each and every day whether it is the laser engraved glasses they used at dinner or the promotional ceramic mugs they use at breakfast.

Custom Pens and Pencils

Provide your clients and customers what they need every day- something to write with. Meet this basic yet important need with a supply of quality customized pens. The pen is a great promotional tool as it will go everywhere with your customers, hence giving you a very wide promotional opportunity. Unlike many other promotional items pens work- even if they get left somewhere else.

Custom Tote Bags

Customized packs, bags, totes, and pouches are another useful marketing and promotional tool that will put your name, brand, and logo out in front of people. The customer gets the practical benefit of a handy bag for carrying things around with them and everyone who sees the bag or tote throughout the day becomes a secondary target for your advertisement too!

Decor Sets

The newest trend in promotional products is taking focus on the needs for decor and aesthetically pleasing additions to the home- decor sets. Giving a custom unit, set of glasses or mugs, a customized wall hanging, or some other decoration set is a new but very effective approach to peaking customer’s interest in you and your products and services.


Appealing calendars, with space to write all those important appointments, with beautiful pictures, and great deals and coupons are the ones that are being displayed where everyone can see. Naturally, this helps to further extend your marketing reach and impact. They are some of the simplest and most functional promotional items that a business can use in today’s market.

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