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by | Sep 9, 2015 | Metals

Metal is used for numerous purposes in the modern world. Nearly all technology depends on metal of some form to make up some component of it. In order to make it more functional and useful, a process known as plating is often employed. A plating company covers the surface of something used for technology, decoration, or other uses. A plating company will also use plating for many other things, such as increasing the durability and strength of an item, reducing the risk of corrosion and rusting, resisting radiation, and changing the conductivity or magnetism of the object. Plating can be used for anything from touching up the appearance of old jewelry, antique coins, and classic cars to developing hardy, reliable nanotechnology the size of a single atom.

How Does A Plating Company Work?

A plating company uses a special process to cover an object with a layer of metal. This is done by means of one of a few different methods, depending on the nature of the metal used and the quality of the object that needs to be plated over. Some metals, such as silver and gold are prone to tarnishing and developing other blemishes, so the utmost care must be taken when they are being plated. Other metals such as copper will react with certain substances and cause health problems, and they also need to be handled with caution and the proper knowledge by the plating company.

Electroplating – This plating technique is used to turn ionic metal into non-ionic metal so that it will properly adhere to the surface of the object that needs to be plated. The metal is put through a special chemical solution that will infuse it with electrons. The object is then covered with the metal.

Sheffield plate – In plating procedures like this one, a metal sheet is wrapped around a solid object. Then high pressure and extreme heat are applied so the metal forms around the object and they properly fuse together.

Electroless Plating – A plating company uses this method for many metals. It involves autocatalytic chemical processes and other special solutions to create a smooth, shining layer of metal coating. One example of a popular material uses electroless plating is chrome. Chrome is well known and highly sought after for its durability and sleek, elegant looking shine. It is created by fusing the proper materials and chemicals together in a trivalent chromium bath.

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