Aluminum Flat Bar: Versatility in Fabrication

by | Sep 8, 2015 | Aluminum Supplier

What does a wide variety of products including machine parts, truck frames, bike frames and appliance fittings all have in common? Simple: They all started as a basic aluminum flat bar.

Insiders know, however, that there’s nothing simple about this versatile alloy. The wide range of products aluminum flat bars can be used to manufacture, along with aluminum’s other positive attributes, makes it a manufacturing and fabricating all-star.

Perfect for Heavy Duty Structures
The strength of the aluminum flat bar makes it desirable for use in the manufacturing of heavy duty structures, but for all their strength they’re surprisingly lightweight. That strength-to-weight ratio is a big selling point in fabrication projects where weight is a concern. This product is also highly resistant to corrosion, another factor making it perfect for fabrication purposes.

For all their strength, aluminum flat bars are easy to machine, cut, weld and form, further heightening their versatility. The fact that they’re extruded in a variety of thicknesses means there’s an ideal thickness for every task – a skilled supplier will know exactly the correct thickness for every purpose.

What are they used for?
As we said earlier, there are a wide range of uses for these extruded bars. They’re commonly used for the following:

 * Structural components
 * Machine parts
 * Hydraulic valve bodies
 * Valves and valve parts
 * Couplings
 * Gears and shafts
 * Truck and marine components
 * Electrical fittings and connectors
 * Camera lens mounts
 * Aircraft and aerospace components
 * Mounting plates
 * Bases
 * Trim
 * Hardware

Finishing Options
An aluminum flat bar can be manufactured in an array of finishes and colors. Depending upon the manufacturer, you can find bars in finishes such as satin, clear, and brushed. There’s also clear, light and dark bronze, black, and Brite Dipped to choose from. Again, this will vary depending upon the manufacturer or supplier you choose. You may even be able to find a supplier who offers anodized and powder coated finishes for custom jobs.

The right manufacturer of aluminum flat bars will be able to supply you with exactly the right product for your needs whether they already have it in stock, or they have to custom manufacture the perfect solution.

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