Professional Delonghi Repairs in New York City

by | Sep 11, 2015 | Newsletters

Specialty coffee shops are found everywhere. Even small towns are supporting those types of businesses because most people love their coffee. Restaurants, diners, coffee houses, and even homes have espresso machines or cappuccino machines rather than ordinary coffee makers. They are well worth the investment whether customers are buying them for their home, office, or commercial businesses. There are over one hundred and fifty different models of espresso machines on the market. When these machines need repairs or maintenance, it is best to have them completed by factory certified technicians. That will preserve the warranty of the machine and ensure it will continue to operate efficiently.

The machines themselves can be purchased at wholesalers, better department stores, and online. Repairs may be a little bit harder to secure. Delonghi Repairs in New York City can be completed by certified technicians either on-site or off-site. Maintenance and technical support are also available for all types of machines. Customers can bring their machines into the shop, provide a description of the problem, and have the machine diagnosed for an initial fee. Once the issue is determined, customers will be notified with a complete estimate for repairs. The customer can decide to have the repairs done, or put a portion of the fee toward the purchase of a new or used replacement machine.

Customers not in the immediate area can still have Delonghi Repairs in New York City. Place the machine and all the components, contact information, a brief description of the problem, and the fee in a double box and send it to the shop using UPS or FedEX delivery services. Make sure the package is properly insured to avoid loss in case of damages or theft. All customers should be advised that repair costs that are over fifty percent of the original purchase price of any machine are not recommended. It is more cost-effective to replace the machine at that point.

In addition to espresso machines, vending machines, juicers, supplies, and accessories are also available for sale or repair. Other appliances such as coffee grinders and steamers, blenders, toasters, kettles, grills, and slow cookers are available as well. Click here to view all items available, shop location, and contact information, and details on repair policies.

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