Three Safety Tips to Remember When Visiting Salvage Yards

Wear the Appropriate Clothing

Depending on the layout of the yard or lot, you may be exposed to quite a few hazardous items. Make sure that you wear clothing that will keep your skin protected and your feet guarded. This is especially the case when walking through junk yards and metal yards that are somewhat disorganized or may have sharp metal pieces sticking out in high or low places that you can easily miss if you do not pay attention.

Do Not Smoke Even if It’s Permitted

The last thing you want to do is take a chance that can threaten your life and the life of others. Therefore, it is highly recommended for you to avoid smoking any type of tobacco product while walking through a salvage yard. The sparks from a cigarette, for instance, can start a fire if they get into contact with engine fluid residue or engine fluid.

Think about how much residue is still traceable within the average junkyard filled with used and damaged automobiles. Since you need to make sure you are fully competent and sober in these potentially dangerous environments, it is also recommended to avoid drinking before or during your shopping trip.

Be Careful When Examining Damaged Vehicles

Nearly 11 million cars are scrapped annually in the United States alone, according to Fox News. This is primarily due to the growing number of totaled cars that end up in the average scrap metal yard in Louisiana after major collisions and crashes.

Be careful when handling and examining these damaged vehicles as you search for the parts and materials you need. Be on the lookout for such hazards as broken glass, shattered windshields and protruding automobile parts that may have been jammed into the interior.

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