Copper Strainers: Features And Functions

by | Sep 24, 2014 | Industries

When it comes to manufacturing a refrigeration unit, there are many different parts that need to be considered. Among the many are refrigeration protection devices. These include filter driers, sight glasses and even copper strainers. Copper strainers by Spinco Metal Products and other similar companies perform tasks to ensure the refrigeration unit functions to the best of its capability when taken care of appropriately.

Defining Copper Strainers

Working as a component of a refrigeration units as well as air conditioning systems is a copper strainer. As the name indicates, it is there to strain out unwanted substances. It is also there to provide protection for a variety of parts. Among them are:

Capillary tubing



Copper Strainers help keep the system operational by filtering sediment. They are usually not costly. The screens of copper strainer come in different sizes. They are designed to address the size of specific sediment or contaminants. They not only trap these contaminants but while doing so do not create a substantial drop in pressure.

Key Features and Benefits

When it comes to deciding on a copper strainer, make sure you are aware of its key features as well as any potential benefits. Essentially, the first important aspect of these parts is its composition. These strainers are comprised of copper. This makes them able to resist corrosion – an essential part of the task they perform.

Yet, when it comes to selecting the right strainer for the job, the selection criteria extend beyond the metal composition. If you want to make sure you are purchasing the right copper strainers for the work, you need to consider 2 specific characteristics. These are:

The Operating Pressure

It is critical to know the maximum operating pressure. This will ensure you size the thickness of the wall of the strainer correctly to withstand the ultimate in burst pressure. This tends to be a minimum of 5 times the actual system’s design working pressure


It is essential you know the size and type of the contaminants in order to be able to decide on the area of the screen required. Also of importance is the cleanliness of the refrigeration system and its parts. This will indicate the size of the contaminant particles that require trapping by the copper strainer. If, for example the material to be trapped consists of larger size and amounts of particles, the screen area will also be larger.

When it comes to choosing copper strainers, you have to have informed knowledge of the type of refrigeration system it is to serve. Make certain you understand the size of the contaminants as well as the maximum operating pressure. Talk to the manufacturer. This is not a problem if you are looking for copper strainers by Spinco Metal Products.

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