When You May Need A Criminal Defense Attorney In Newton KS

Many people who are charged with criminal conduct usually plead guilty in the early stages of the lawsuit. They do this hoping to get a fair deal with the prosecutor, especially if they know that the prosecutor has some evidence against them. While this may help save time and extra costs of having to pay hefty fees to your attorney, there are times when it is considered wise to consult a Criminal Defense Attorney in Newton KS. If you are charged with any criminal conduct, consider consulting an attorney if any of the following situations apply to you:

When a police officer wants to question you after being arrested

The prosecutor may request to question you further to gather more information that may implicate you further. Some things you say in the hope that you will be exempted from criminal charges may be used against you. A criminal defense attorney may advise you not to answer questions that you don’t feel comfortable with and prevent legal maneuvers that the prosecutor may use to link you to the criminal charges.

If the arrest procedure was illegal

If you were arrested using a procedure that is legally unacceptable or does not respect your rights, then you need to hire a criminal defense attorney to help challenge the legality of your arrest. If several standard procedures for arresting you were violated, then your attorney may be in a better position to suppress the evidence collected against you. According to Rocky Wiechman Law, improper arrest procedures may include:

1. Being arrested forcefully when you have already submitted.

2. Being tortured to talk during the arrest

3. Being arrested when a probable cause does not exist.

4. If a search, say in your house, that lead to your arrest was conducted without a proper warrant from the court.

If some of these things happened during your arrest, you should make them known to your attorney to help them refute the charges on the basis that even the initial process was not conducted legally.

If you are facing criminal charges in court, you need to hire a Criminal Defense Attorney in Newton KS from Rocky Wiechman Law firm to help you win the case. You can get other legal services by visiting us.

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