Why Day Traders Should Invest in Social Media

by | Sep 8, 2014 | Business & Society

If you love social media why not invest in it so you’ll earn money from it? When it comes to day trade stock picks in Massachusetts, there are several reasons why social media is a viable investment for day traders. A large majority of businesses utilize social media to promote themselves and there are even more individuals who live on social media networks to meet new friends, locate old ones and talk about all kinds of issues. In addition to this, social media companies’ profits are soaring each year and this means better earnings for you.

Facebook Is A Safe Social Media Stock

While it is true that Facebook’s shares have gone up and down at times, you should still consider this company’s stocks since it has close to over a billion subscribers and its’ revenue continues to rise thanks to advertisements that appear on the websites. In addition, Facebook has been making a variety of changes to its’ network so that it will be more user-friendly to Internet users. There also seems to be the potential for more growth over the next few years.

LinkedIn Is Also Doing Well

LinkedIn is a social media website for professionals and each year it gains new subscribers. LinkedIn is a site where aspiring job hunters can network with people they know in order to find the best jobs while small business owners use the site to promote their companies, gain advice from other business owners and research business trends.

Consider How Social Media is Changing Local Business Research

Social networks have also been instrumental in changing the way that people search for local businesses with websites such as Yelp, Local.com, Angie’s List, Craigslist and Groupon. These websites are primarily designed to assist people in learning about the reputation of local companies in the cities they live in. For example, Local.com now has a market cap of $113 million, and this is good news for day traders wanting to buy stocks from social media companies.

Buying social media stocks is a good thing for day traders but according to some finance industry insiders, social media stocks are better for those who want to earn short term investments rather than long term ones. This is because they say that social media networks are trendier than other types of companies and that these networks may experience long periods of instability and poor performance despite their popularity. You should keep this in mind when you’re looking for social media stocks to purchase.

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