Advantages of Eating Organic Produce

There is no question that the debate regarding the benefits of organic foods is on-going. However, according to a recent study, that involved $25 million, organic food is more nutritious that traditional fruits and vegetables purchased off the shelf. Organic fruits and vegetables, when eating a well-balanced diet can work to prevent serious diseases and help people live longer.

Increased Nutrients

Recent studies by the European Union have found that organic vegetables and fruit offer as much as 50 percent more in antioxidant content, which can reduce a person’s risk of heart disease and cancer. They also contain more minerals and vitamins, including zinc and iron.

Enhanced Taste

Many people make the claim that the taste of organic vegetables and fruit is superior to traditional types of produce. This is why there are a number of high-end restaurants that opt for Wholesale Organic Produce Distributors for their menus. While the strawberries from your grocery store may look great on a cake, they do not have very much taste. However, organic items are known to be much more flavorful.

Safer for Infants and Children

It is thought that the advantages offered by organic foods is at its highest for infants and babies. The typical baby is born with more than 200 carcinogens and toxins inside its body. By the time they reach the age of two, the majority have exceeded the lethal limit for total toxins. When you feed your child organic options of fruit and vegetables, they will be ingesting only 1/16th the total amount of carcinogens into its blood. This will reduce the chance of serious illnesses by a significant amount.

Elimination of Irradiation

Have you ever wondered why organic fruits and vegetables tend to spoil much more quickly than the product from a traditional supermarket? The reason behind this is due to the fact that many of the supermarket options are irradiated. This is done to kill bacteria, while extending the life of the food; however, it will also alter the entire molecular structure as well as the food’s life force.

There are some irradiation methods that actually use radioactive substances, others utilize X-rays or high energy electrons. Taking advantage of raw and organic foods will reduce the toxins and chemicals that other foods contain.

Next time you are shopping for fruits and vegetables, consider all of the benefits offered by going organic.

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