What To Look For In Top NYC Tradeshows For Small Business Marketing

by | Apr 16, 2015 | Business

Getting away from work to attend an event in your city which is educational, inspirational and motivational is definitely a plus. However, in a big city like New York with multiple events which seem to occur on a never ending cycle, it can be difficult to decide which tradeshow is the best option.

The reality is, for most small businesses and startups, the big NYC tradeshows featuring multinational corporations and the biggest names in the industry are really a waste of time and money. Not only will these be the most costly to attend or have a booth, but the majority of the attendees are there to see the latest products from the top brands, not to focus on smaller local businesses.

Cost of Registration and Attendance

When comparing the various NYC tradeshows in and around the area, look carefully at the price of registration and attendance. It is not uncommon for some of these trade shows to have a very pricey admission and then charge attendees extra for any additional lectures, talks, or workshops they choose to take in.

Other tradeshows, such as those offered by Small Business Expo, provide free registration and attendance for all participants. They also have very reasonable booth rates and various packages which will work with your business advertising and marketing budgets.

Focus of the Tradeshow

It is essential to ensure you are taking time away from your business to attend a tradeshow which is going to be beneficial for you. The focus of the tradeshow should be on business to business marketing for small local businesses.

It will be easy to determine the focus of the tradeshow by simply looking at the events, the features, and educational opportunities offered during the event. Organizers like Small Business Expo organize these shows specifically for small businesses in major cities across the United States, providing quality training, networking and professional opportunities.

Opportunities to Learn

While you will definitely enjoy the networking and the exhibitor areas of these well designed, small business NYC tradeshows you should also look at the other events scheduled for the day.

Top organizers provide an excellent selection of small business-focused workshops or seminars as well as live demo events. It is well worth your time to spend at least part of your day in these great learning events as part of your schedule for the tradeshow event.

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