Reasons Birth Mothers Give Up Their Children for Adoption in Oklahoma

by | Apr 12, 2015 | Adoption

Even in today’s society, young mothers are looked down on when they decide that they cannot raise their children on their own. Putting your baby up for adoption in Oklahoma can be a heartbreaking thing that many mothers never get over. However, these mothers are not putting their kids up for adoption because they are heartless, but rather doing so out of love and respect for the future of their baby.

Below you will find some reasons young mothers put their babies up for Adoption in Oklahoma.

The Age of the Birth Mother

Many babies are born to women who are still in their teens. The birth mother may feel that her age gives the baby an unfair disadvantage in life. For example, a young mother who is still in school has no money to take care of the child and if she quits school to raise her baby, then she may never will. Many mothers feel that it is best to give their baby the chance to have the life that they would never be able to give them.

Lack of Income

When a young teen finds themselves with child, panic can set in. They probably know deep down that they do not have the financial means to raise a child at this time in their lives. After all, they’re barely out of childhood themselves. But, it’s not just young teen moms who find themselves unable to financially care for a new child, but women who already have several children or are on financial assistance, already. Thinking selflessly, they know someone else can better take care of their child, providing all the necessary things the child may need, from health insurance to a future college education.

Abusive Situation

So many women today feel trapped in abusive relationship, but when a child comes into the picture, they know they can’t allow it to suffer the same circumstances. Particularly when she knows she will receive no financial aid or help from the father or her family, Oklahoma adoptions become the clear choice.

Certainly, every situation is different and the reasons for giving up a child are individual and private. Whatever reasons a mother may have, it’s ultimately a very loving and selfless act that sends them to an adoption counselor.

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