Custom Plastic Fabrication for Low and High Volume Orders

Due to its various advantages, plastic is a staple in numerous industry applications. Custom plastic fabrication is an indispensable well of crucial components that keep tools, equipment, and supplies in working order. To be sure your needs are met, it’s best to choose a company that’s proficient with all sorts of plastic fabrication methods, such as milling, CNC machining, micro machining, and more. Professionals can assist you with building a detailed prototype, or fill high volume orders quickly and accurately.

Attributes of Quality Pieces

Finding a company that’s capable of producing flawless plastic components for a wide range of industry operations can be a challenge. Regardless of the application you have in mind, it’s important to aim for polished, smooth, burr-free products that are clear and durable. Successful operations begin with expertly-manufactured components. Experienced plastic fabricators know how to produce high quality plastic pieces that are less susceptible to stress cracking and blurring than sub-par, less reliable components. With the help of Connecticut Plastics’ skilled fabricators, you’ll receive top-notch components – crafted with your unique specifications in mind.

The Right Fabrication Method

Custom plastic fabrication can be achieved through various methods, depending on the needs of clients. Each fabrication method is ideal for specific end-products. For instance, if you need tight tolerance plastic pieces for medical supplies, electronics, or other equipment, micro machining is probably right for your project. Or, if your plastic components require precision drilling, plastic milling offers accuracy, tight tolerance capabilities, and repeatability. However complex your order may be, our skilled professionals possess the tools and expertise to meet even the most intricate of standards.

Pros of Plastic Components

In many cases, heavy-duty plastic is preferred over other types of material, such as metal. Plastic can be blended with a variety of chemicals and additives to create stronger, more durable materials. Additionally, plastic is inherently malleable and can be molded and shaped into components of any size and shape. As well as being versatile, plastic is extremely cost-effective. Regardless of order volume, you can expect high quality results. As a corrosive-resistant, flexible material, plastic is relied upon by specialists in everything from instrumentation, to medical, to nuclear operations.

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