What to Consider When Setting Up a Fashion Show Runway

by | Dec 7, 2016 | Arts and Entertainment

When setting up a fashion show, there are many important elements that need to be addressed other than what the models are wearing. Fashion runways, for example, are one of the more crucial elements of a show as they serve both a functional and aesthetic role. It is why, when setting up a fashion show, there are many things that need to be considered in regards to the runway.

The Physical Structure
Many people think of Fashion runways as long raised platforms that jut out into the audience for models to walk on. While this has been (and still is) the norm for most of the fashion world, it is not the only option for a runway’s physical structure. Some venues do not allow such platforms due to reasons such as the cost of building them, concerns over damage and safety, or zoning laws. If anything, a fashion show runway should be long and wide enough to accommodate the amount of traffic that will be on it during the show. Any raised runways should also be structurally sound, as this can pose a safety issue should any damage occur that may make the runway unstable.

The presentation of a fashion show holds a lot of value for attendees and organizers. Every detail counts towards the overall presentation and can greatly impact the show overall. Since fashion runways are part of the show’s main focus—the only things more important are the models and the fashion itself—they add a lot to the presentation. They should mesh with the show’s overall theme and be able to attract the audience’s attention without overpowering the fashion. Aspects of a runway, like its color and how it is lighted, should also be addressed in regards to presentation.

Model and Staff Safety
As the main purpose of a runway is to allow people to walk on it unhindered, safety is a major aspect of fashion runways. A smooth, flat surface is a must and any obstacles—even lights to illuminate the models—should be kept out of the path of anyone walking on it. Multiple shows using the same runway should have it inspected and cleaned in between shows to ensure continued safety. The biggest safety concern that needs to be addressed for runways that are on the ground rather than on a platform is making sure that there is enough room, as the audience could present safety issues like tripping hazards.

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