How to Cook a Pizza in Your Backyard Without Firing Up the Barbecue

by | Dec 2, 2016 | Food & Related Products

When you are inviting friends and family over to your entertainment area in your backyard, having told them food is on the agenda, they will almost certainly be expecting ribs from the barbecue. Imagine their surprise, when instead, you offer great pizza from your wood fired oven.

Add A Pizza Oven to Your Entertainment Area

You may have seen celebrities and high earners in magazines, adding a wood fired oven to their deck. This ability to change the meals you can cook in your backyard is open to anyone, with a relatively small budget. You can choose to build a small pizza oven, just large enough for a 12-inch pizza, or purchase a portable oven at least big enough to cook fish on one side, an enjoyable roast on the other and still have room for the pizza.

Because these brick and metal pizza ovens are so effective in cooking at high temperatures, a pizza will be ready within 2 to 3 minutes. This gives you the advantage over a barbecue of being able to cook great numbers of pizza, for a large audience, over a short time.

Updating Technology

Many modern wood fired ovens use modern technology to make them efficient, easy to clean and produce perfect pizzas time after time. The better models that you can build with bricks, or the purchase of a portable version, will still be working well in 10 or 20 years’ time.

Vegetarians need not be left away from the oven in your backyard. The ovens are also great for cooking vegetables, herbs and a variety of slow drying fruits.

Where you are unsure about preparing and cooking a pizza, fish, or a variety of other foods within your new oven, there are plenty of recipes across the Internet and cookbooks to purchase from your favorite bookstore.

You wouldn’t, of course, choose to cook a pizza on a barbecue. What would you choose to cook in your wood fired oven?

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