What Is Sound Design?

If you tell someone that you have a degree in sound design, then chances are they will not know what you are talking about. There are several art colleges that offer this degree option, but what exactly is sound design and what can you expect to be doing with an MFA in sound design?

What Is It?

In short, sound design is the designing of sounds for use in different types of media. This can include special effects sounds and music tracks for movies and video games as well as others. Usually, this involves the use of previously recorded audio which is then manipulated to be what the sound designer wants. This allows them to create a wide range of sound for different uses.

What Type Of Jobs Are Available?

The job market for sound designers is mainly in the entertainment industry. You can expect to get a job in anything from working a recording studio to setting up audio equipment for recordings. Much of your work is likely to be on television, but you can also focus on other areas such as video game development. This would allow you to create sound effects and music tracks for the latest video games.

Degrees Available

When pursuing a degree in sound design, you will have the option to get either your bachelors or masters in sound design. The degree you choose is going to dictate the jobs you can apply for and will affect your pay scale. Expect better-paying jobs with your masters, but often experience can compensate for your degree. No matter which option you choose you should expect to see similar jobs.

A degree in sound design is an excellent way for you to get into the audio recording and editing field. This will allow you to work in the television, movie, music, and video game industries and potentially start your own recording studio. Click here School of the Art Institute of Chicago to investigate more about sound design.

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