What is the best way to clean grout on tile floors?

Tile floors have a bit of a reputation. People get them because they are strong–standing up to the daily brutality of shoes, dirt, and heels. They’re also popular because they look nice. Today’s floor tile can mimic the look of marble, wood, and decorative stones. For all these positives, there is one challenge that every tile-loving homeowner faces: finding the best way to clean grout.

Washing Floors Doesn’t Clean Grout
Washing tile floors with a mop can do a great job of cleaning tiles as well as surface dirt on grout, but it doesn’t do much for the deep-seated dirt you find in the grout outlining your tiles. For that, there are a few different suggested solutions. Some propose that a mixture of baking soda and water, used as a paste and spread on the grout then sprayed with a vinegar and water mixture will leave grout free of dirt. But if your tile is natural stone, you might want to skip the vinegar and instead opt for a mixture of powdered oxygen bleach and water.

No matter what solution is best for your tile, one of the biggest secrets to great tile cleaning is scrubbing. It’s not enough to wipe off the cleaning solution with a mop. You might instead want to use a toothbrush or other small, not-overly-abrasive brush to get into the grout pores and clean out the ground-in dirt.

Leaving it to the Jacksonville Professionals
There are times when thorough tile cleaning is impossible for homeowners. This is especially true following a fire, flood, or hurricane. That’s why residents of Jacksonville and other areas often leave their tile cleaning to professional service providers. These businesses have the tools and tricks that give you a perfect finished floor–no matter what kind of dirt and damage they’re dealing with.

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