Welded Hydraulic Cylinders For Low Cost Industrial Applications

A hydraulic cylinder is a hydro-mechanical device that is used for producing linear motion and force in applications that transfer power. In it is contained a pressurized hydraulic fluid, and by moving back and forth, the cylinder converts the energy stored in the fluid into a force that moves the cylinder in a linear direction.

Components of Hydraulic Cylinders
A hydraulic cylinder consists of various parts. These include the cylinder bottom, the connection for the cylinder bottom, cylinder head, cylinder barrel, the piston, piston rod, and the piston rod connection. The bottom of cylinder closes the bottom of the barrel and the head of the cylinder closes the head of the barrel. The cylinder head is the side from where the piston rod exits from the cylinder.

The piston rod and cylinder bottom are mounted with clevises or mounting brackets. The piston in the hydraulic cylinder consists of sliding rings and seals. The piston rod chamber and the bottom chamber are the two chambers within the cylinder.

Operation of Hydraulic Cylinders
Hydraulic fuels are stored under pressure in these cylinders and the energy stored in these oils is converted into motion by the piston rod. The bottom side of the hydraulic cylinder contains the hydraulic fluid as it is pumped into it when the piston rod starts moving outward. The amount of force that is generated is the product of the pressure and the difference in the unit piston area and unit piston rod area. This force acting on the load is often less because of friction between the seals and both the piston rod and the piston.

Uses of Welded Hydraulic Cylinders
With welded hydraulic cylinders, tie rods or other mechanical fasteners are not used to hold them together. Because of the use of welding, their seals are superior which makes them good for applications where durability and protection from weathering and contaminants is important.

They are often used in the mobile market in applications ranging from auto lifts and man lifts to snowplows and truck equipment to material handling equipment to construction and mining equipment. Welded hydraulic cylinders are also a low cost alternative to more expensive industrial cylinders used in industrial machinery.

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