What Not to Keep in Storage in New Orleans

Having access to a safe personal unit for storing items can help you take a load off when you have too many business or household items to keep on your personal property. However, keeping some of your most important items in storage is not always as straightforward as you may think. Certain things simply cannot be kept in these types of units for a variety of reasons.

Combustible Items
Avoid placing toxic, hazardous, flammable or combustible items in a unit. Such items include propane tanks, chemicals, cleaners, paint, fertilizers, explosives, fireworks, weapons/ammunition and corrosives. You also want to avoid storing grease, acid, motor and lamp oil, kerosene, compressed gas and gasoline. Other items such as products that contain asbestos, biological waste and narcotics also shouldn’t be stored in your unit. These are all considered to be inherently dangerous.

Medical Supplies
There’s nothing wrong with keeping pharmaceutical and medical supplies in storage. New Orleans storage companies offer units that may be convenient for sales representatives to store their supplies and samples, for example, as this allows them to organize easily and access them without unnecessarily cluttering up their car trunks or offices. However, any supplies that contain radioactive materials legally cannot be stored.

Other Prohibited Items
Sometimes people who work in the construction field benefit from keeping their construction tools and equipment in units. In this way, they can easily stop by their units to pick up any equipment they need before they head out to their worksites. Still, some construction equipment is not permitted to be stored; your chosen New Orleans company can specify for you which types of equipment are prohibited.

In the same way, perishable items cannot be kept in your unit, including meats, produce or pet food, as these goods may quickly spoil or end up attracting pests. Note that canned foods, however, can be stored in your unit. Other items that cannot be stored are plants, whether they are dead or alive, as well as stolen items. You should also avoid using space heaters, generators, freezers and refrigerators in these units for safety reasons.

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