The Characteristics of Top Freight Brokers

Working as a broker is not the same as being a salesperson. It is not just about talking to people over the phone and trying to convince them to buy a product. Freight brokers are great at multitasking, handling researching businesses, finding new customers, keeping track of orders and more. Regardless of the industry, all brokers have a great deal of work to do. As the consumer, you must know which brokerage company is right for you. Make sure you know about certain characteristics that all of the top freight brokers have in common in the industry.

Good Negotiation Skills

Brokers should know how to negotiate with all of the people they work with. This is the part that warrants their comparison to salespeople because they are selling products and services. They cannot take “no” for an answer most of the time, and they have to follow through with leads. To find their customers, they usually have websites that promote their services.

Being able to apply persuasive techniques on both sides, the customer and the shipper, is the most important skill. The best brokers are good talkers who stay open to communication at all times.

Proper Time Management

Managing time properly is another vital skill possessed by top brokers. All of their customers have deadlines by which they want certain orders completed. It is the responsibility of the brokerage company to monitor the order at every step of the way. During a long-distance trucking assignment, it is easy for the cargo to go missing due to theft, unexpected loss or accidental misplacement. If this happens, it interferes with the whole order.

Industry-specific Research Talent

Freight brokers have the talent to undertake research in their industry and find out about the most recent trends. It does not seem like the trucking industry is going through many changes, but that is not always true. Nowadays, more vehicles, both small and large, are being manufactured with built-in GPS navigation and other advanced technologies. There are voice-activated features and computerized speakers that read driving directions out loud.

Brokers should learn about recent technologies that freight drivers are incorporating into their routes. They must make sure that the drivers and freight shipping companies are dealing with their orders properly. They cannot recommend companies that do not have the tools and resources to handle the required workload.

Being a freight broker is not only about getting a license and having insurance. The work is not always the same each day because accidents and confusions happen often. Furthermore, being on the list of top freight brokers is not a one-step program. Each year, these brokerage companies must prove that they are qualified for the job. There are certain qualities that they must demonstrate to their current and future customers.

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