What to Know about Teeth Whitening in Indianapolis IN

by | Jul 2, 2015 | Dentist

A smile is how a person greets the world. Having one that includes stained teeth can make a person embarrassed to smile. This can result in a person being seen as unfriendly and unapproachable. To rectify discolored teeth, many individuals choose to get teeth whitening in Indianapolis IN. This dental procedure can be done at home or in a dental office. Learn more about it do see if this dental procedure is right for you.

Tooth discoloration occurs when the surface of the tooth or tooth structure is discolored. Discoloration can mean streaks, splotches, dark spots, or other stains. This condition can be caused by a number of factors including smoking, soft drinks, age-related issues, and congenital trauma. Teeth Whitening in Indianapolis IN is favorable for stains that affect the tooth enamel. Tooth whitening products have also been shown to improve the looks of teeth that have stains in the enamel.

There are a multitude of tooth whitening products on the market. All contain a whitening agent such as hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide to lighten teeth to their natural color or lighter than their natural color. Over-the-counter tooth whitening products can be purchased in many grocery stores and health food stores. This treatment comes in many forms including tooth whitening toothpastes, tooth whitening gels, tooth whitening strips, and tooth whitening rinses. A person can get a tooth whitening kit from a dental office. This will give the person a chance to ask the dentist questions. This clinically dispensed product often has a higher concentration of whitening agent.

Tooth whitening treatments can also be administered in a dental clinic. This treatment involves a dentist or a member of his support team applying a tooth whitening gel to the front side of a person’s teeth. A guard is put over the gums to protect it from this process. The whitening agent is left on for about 20 minutes. A light it sometimes used to intensify the effects of the treatment.

All treatments can last anywhere from two months to a year. Repeat procedures will usually be needed to maintain the results of tooth whitening. For more information on this procedure, please contact us. Moore Dentistry offers many therapies to patients including dental bridges, dental bonding, porcelain crowns, tooth whitening, and veneers. Invisalign is available to people with crooked teeth.

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