Industrial Powder Coating – Advantages, Types and Product Applications

It’s sometimes confusing to think of a “powder-coated” metal, because you never actually see the powder on it. Industrial powder coating is actually a process that creates a continuous layer of protection for metals and gives them a more attractive appearance. There are many choices for different powder coatings and the many uses for metals treated in this way.

What is Industrial Powder Coating?
Powder coating is a finishing process for metals that provides those metals with features and enhancements that they would not have naturally. To powder coat a metal, a polymer resin is created using pigments, curatives, leveling agents and other chemicals. The resin is mixed together at high heat, then allowed to cool, after which it is ground into a fine powder. The powder is then applied to the metal, often using electrostatic electricity, and cured with heat, where it bonds with the metal to make a protective coating. There is another method in which the powder is fluidized and poured over a preheated part as well.

Advantages of Powder Coating
Powder coating gives a high quality finish to metal, protecting it from moisture, UV light, impact, chemicals and other hazards. Industrial powder coating is considered to be environmentally-friendly and it is more durable than most liquid finishes. Powder coating can also be used to enhance the color of a given metal.

Types of Powder Coatings
There are a number of different types of powder coating that can be used on metals and plastics, each with their own unique characteristics. There are epoxies that offer great adhesion and corrosion resistance and polyesters that offer the toughness to handle most outdoor applications. There are also epoxy polyester hybrids that are great for temperature-sensitive applications.

Polyurethanes combine toughness and weather resistance as well as great scuff and chip resistance. Acrylic industrial powder coatings also provide great weather resistance, but they also can provide smooth, high gloss colors. Metallic effect and specialty powder coatings provide protection as well as a unique look. There is also a group of fluoropolymer powder coatings that provide impact resistance, adhesion, abrasion protection, durability and corrosion resistance.

Products That Use Powder Coating
Powder coatings are used on a wide range of products, from tool boxes to barbecues to signs. Vehicles, in particular, often use powder coatings, and you might see these coatings used on cars, motorcycles, off road vehicles and parts.

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