Tips for Cooking Fresh, Delicious Lobster Tails

So now you’ve successfully shopped for fresh lobster tails in Boston. What next? Here are wonderful cooking tips you might want to check out:

Plan the portions

It’s good to set about 8 ounces of lobster tails for every person. If you’re planning a meal for friends and family, this is a good rule of thumb to follow.

Prep it

If your tails are being delivered to you frozen, then you’ll need to thaw them out first. Put them in the fridge until that happens. However, the unthawing could take as long as 8 to even 10 hours so you’d best be prepared. Set a timer so you won’t forget.

Cook it

Once you’ve thawed out the tails, it’s time to cook them. Pour about 6 cups of salted water into a 3-quart sauce pan and bring it to a boil, says Better Homes and Gardens (BHG). That’s going to be good enough for four lobster tails, 8 ounces each. Then put in the tails.

Wait for it

Simmer and uncover the pan. This will probably take about 8 to 12 minutes. That or until the shells start to turn bright red. You’ll also want to poke the meat with a fork to check if it’s already tender. That’s a sign that the tails are ready. Not yet? Then wait it out some more. It shouldn’t really take too long before those tails are finally soft and tender. Drain in a colander when they’re done.


That’s it. You’ve cooked the tails. The only thing left to do now is to enjoy the lobster tails. Before you serve your guests with fresh lobster tails in Boston, be sure to get the kitchen scissors and use them to cut each tail lengthwise. That’s going to make it easier for your guests to enjoy the meal. Serve with a bit of butter dipping.

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