Choosing a GPS Fleet Tracking System A Buyer’s Guide

What kind of GPS fleet tracking equipment you need depends entirely on the type of operation you’re running. There are countless options on the market right now, which might make buying decisions confusing. There are really only a few major types of GPS fleet tracking devices, which means you can narrow down your choices quite a bit.

Portable GPS transceivers are probably the most popular choices for buyers. These are small units that fit in the palm of your hand. Drivers can take these to any truck in the fleet and swap them out whenever they change vehicles. This means you don’t even necessarily need to have as many units as you do trucks if you don’t use all of your trucks at the same time.

You may want to look at hardwired equipment that mounts under the dashboard if security is an issue. These feature permanent mounting points that are difficult to tamper with. If a vehicle were ever to get stolen, then only the original driver would know where the unit is. This means that a thief wouldn’t be able to remove it and the authorities could use the unit to track the vehicle.

If you have smart technology installed on the dash, then you can also purchase GPS equipment that can interface with it. Certain GPS fleet tracking computers feature standard USB jacks that you can use with the smart panels you already have in your car. These devices are portable and aren’t much different from those that are completely self-contained.

One other choice you’ll have to make involves the user experience drivers will have. Closed GPS units won’t allow the driver to make any changes. You might want to consider touchscreen devices if the drivers have to send information to a tracking station often. GPS units with buttons are better for situations where drivers might come into contact with anything that could get a touchscreen device greasy. Other than this, buying tracking units couldn’t be any easier when you take a step back and examine your options.

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