Choosing a Quality Catering Option for Your Airline

by | Apr 9, 2018 | Food & Drinks

There are a million things to worry about when it comes to providing a pleasant flight for your customers. One of those many things is the choice of catering. When passengers enjoy the food on a flight, they are less likely to view the trip in a negative way. People love food and giving them food that is healthy and delicious can go a long way. We’re going to look at some tips for choosing the best catering option for your flights.

Consider the Important Things

A catering request is going to vary based on everything from the length of the flight to the purpose of the trip and what time of day the flight takes place. If you’re on a short flight to a business meeting, you may not want to order dishes with lots of carbs as they can affect the passengers’ energy levels. You also may want to work with regional delicacies, as people enjoy trying something new. For instance, having catering of empanadas in Newark, NJ might go over really well.

Length of Preparation

If you’re on a short flight, you may not need a huge meal. Instead, a sampler platter can be a good compromise. You can serve cheese, fruit, vegetables, and shrimp, which all take minimal time to prepare. Other foods are best to be avoided due to the challenges of preparation. Some of these include soufflés, fresh egg dishes, and butter-based sauces. For choices that stay fresh for longer periods of time, steamed dumplings, sushi, and fresh berries are great options.

Food Packaging

When the flight is on that is longer, you may choose packaged foods that are simple to reheat and serve later in the flight. For a very long flight you might offer a sample after departing, an appetizer later along, and bulk prepared entrees with a few snack foods available at other times. Shorter flights may require only a salad, protein dish, and a small dessert.

Time of Day

If the flight is less than an hour long, you can save time by having a pre-plated dish ready to serve before the plane takes off. If it’s an afternoon flight you might want to choose seafood trays, snacks, and salads rather than foods that need reheating. Evening flights might be more substantial with soup, protein and vegetables, and a dessert to cap it all off. If the flight is longer than six hours or so, a full-service meal is the best option.

Local Catering Options

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