The Eyes Have It: A Guide to What’s Trending in Glasses Frames in New York City

A couple of generations ago young people were embarrassed to wear eyeglasses, fearing glasses made them look unattractive. Bullies referred to people who wore glasses as “four-eyes,” and many a child chose not to wear their glasses at school, fearing the negative attention of their peers. Thankfully, those days are long gone. Today, glasses are so popular that some people who do not need to wear them wear non-prescription glasses just so they’ll look in vogue. Sure, glasses still correct flawed vision. However, today they are valued as much, if not more, as a fashion accessory than as a means to improve a person’s eyesight. After a lifespan of nearly three centuries, eyeglasses have at last come into their own.

New York is the fashion mecca of designer clothing. It is also home to several Glasses Frames in New York City, including, one of the city’s premier optical boutiques. Some of the known power players in designer eyeglass frames include Chanel, Versace, Prada, Thom Brown, Loree Rodkin, Kalvin Klein and Gucci. Everywhere a person looks in the Big Apple, exclusive designer eyewear is being worn by trend setting, fashion-conscious “beautiful” people as they go to work in their expensive corporate offices, bustle down Fifth Avenue after an afternoon of shopping, enjoy a night on the town with an attractive date or catch a show off Broadway.

In fact, glasses today are such a fashion accessory that there are many people who actually own several pairs. They do so in order to be able to coordinate with their various clothing choices for corporate, casual, or evening wear. When deciding on Glasses Frames in New York City for your first, second, or twenty-seventh pair of eyeglasses, always choose frames to flatter the shape of your face. People who have round faces often look best wearing a pair of angular or square-shaped frames which create the illusion of a longer face. Square faces often have square jaw lines. Cat-shaped eyeglasses work best to soften the jawline in women with this facial shape. People with oval shaped faces are fortunate in that they can wear nearly any shape of frame.

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