The Basic Steps In Steel Fabrication In Los Angeles

by | Aug 25, 2015 | Metal

The steps an industrial metal supplier and fabricator go through when preparing to take on a project of any size are important to ensure a top quality final product. Each component of steel fabrication is essential and failing to pay attention and monitor quality control and best practices in any part of the process can have serious implications.

With any type of steel fabrication in Los Angeles from a relatively small emergency type of repair to the construction of a shopping mall, multi-story commercial building, or a bridge or infrastructure component, specific steps will be put in place. Understanding the basics of these steps will help to appreciate the quality control and attention during the fabrication process.

Planning and Design

With the best companies providing steel fabrication across the state, the client will be directly involved with the design and detailing team. This ensures that the project is exactly what the client wants.

Today, the latest in AutoCAD design software, as well as Tekla 3-D modeling software, are used to create detailed computerized replicas of both the complete project as well as each part and component.

With this level of detailing in the design process, potential challenges or structural issues can be determined before the actual steel fabrication process begins. This greatly reduces the time in fabrication and also avoids production delays and waste during prototype design and production.

Production and Fabrication

Once the designs have been finalized, CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines are used to create the applicable components. With these systems, steel fabrication is completely identical from piece to piece, eliminating any possibility of variation in the fabricating process.

Specialized equipment such as FICEP Beamline systems can produce everything to the very large structural components such as beams and channel, to entire sections as required based on the project. As this is all done through computer technology, the customer is assured that the parts needed will be fabricated and delivered to order and tolerances required.

The top companies offering steel fabrication in Los Angeles have worked with major construction companies, manufacturing companies and other types of metal fabrication businesses and services. Their extensive work with clients in all types of industries provides the team with insight into different techniques as well as the ability to troubleshoot potential issues in designs based on expertise and experience in real world applications.

Working with the best professional in steel fabrication in Los Angeles will provide you with the customer service, support, and assistance you need. They will work with you to ensure your project materials are delivered to specs, on time, and on a budget.

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