What To Know Before You Scrap Copper Wire in Philadelphia

by | Apr 3, 2015 | Metal

Copper is more sought after than almost any other material in the world of scrap metal. Copper is a metal that’s found in most everyday appliances. It can be hard to find solid pieces of copper, which is why many scrappers focus on copper wiring. A person can make a lot of money if they decide to Scrap Copper Wire in Philadelphia.

One of the best ways to make money scrapping copper wiring is to start with the little things. For instance, instead of throwing an old phone away try stripping it for its copper instead. If there’s an old microwave that’s no longer working, cut the electrical cord and retrieve the copper before throwing it out. Using this method, a person can collect quite a bit of copper wiring in no time.

A lot of copper wiring will generally have a layer of insulation around them. Including this layer of insulation will actually lessen the value of a piece of copper. There are a couple of options for removing this insulation: You can use a lighter to quickly burn off the insulation, however, the burning insulation may give off dangerous fumes. The best way to remove insulation before you Scrap Copper Wire in Philadelphia is to use a wire stripper. A wire stripper is a tool that can easily cut away the insulation – leaving the copper wiring intact.

Before selling the wiring that has been collected, it’s important to check the prices being offered by scrap yards. Scrap yards generally operate based on the national value of copper, and the value of copper is always fluctuating. However, some yards are willing to give a little more for copper than other businesses. Call to find out which dealer is offering the better price to those who Scrap Copper Wiring in Philadelphia and take your load to them.

These are basic tips that experienced scrappers frequently use to make money from copper wiring. Again, start by looking for copper wiring in older appliances that are no longer working. If the wiring has several layers of plastic insulation around it, remove it with a wire stripper instead of a match or lighter. Lastly, when you Scrap Copper Wire in Philadelphia, make sure the copper is being sold at the best price possible.

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