Dip Brazing Basics

by | Apr 12, 2017 | Metal

What is dip brazing?

Dip brazing services refer to processes wherein two—sometimes more—pieces of metal are joined with a filler metal. The filler metal is heated and upon cooling, creates the ideal metallic bond to ensure the two parts are sturdy. The Encyclopedia describes the process as dipping the work piece into a metal bath—though these could easily be interchanged with a molten salt or hot metal bath. The melting point is usually set to above 800 F.

Advantages of dip brazing?

  • It’s inexpensive. You won’t have to worry about hefty tooling charges. That way, you could better budget for your needs. And since the process works for large or small orders, you won’t have to worry about volume order affecting the costs.
  • Versatile since it works on a variety of materials: from materials with unconventional shapes to thin cross sections and even thick ones. You can also use it for wrought materials.
  • The results are also sturdy enough. Braze joints will be equally as strong as the base metal. And you can enhance this even further with the right kind of joint. Go for a lap joint instead of butt joints and you’ll see a marked difference in results right away.
  • If you’re working to build aluminum dip braze structures, then one advantage you can look forward to is the corrosion resisted demonstrated by the assembly. With dip brazed materials, you won’t have to lose sleep over cracks and fissures in your assembly that could let salt into the unit and lead to application problems.

Where to find one?

Go online or ask around for tips and referrals. Both should give you enough leads to find dip brazing services in the area. Be sure the company’s credentials check out before you pick one to work with.

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