PET, the common material used by plastic bottle suppliers

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PET plastics will always come up when the discussion turns to plastics which are used in the bottled water industry. Unlike other types of plastic material, polyethylene terephthalate is safe and all plastic bottle suppliers mark bottles made from PET with the number “1” which is a code indicating the material is safe to hold liquids destined for human consumption. PET is a type of TPR (thermo-plastic polymer)and is used for many other products including food containers.

There are a number of benefits that come when PET plastics are used. From a bottle manufacturers point of view probably the most important quality is the materials inherent viscosity, it absorbs water from the surroundings which means that it is also hydroscopic. These qualities makes it possible to process the material using conventional molding machines and then dried. As well as this, PET;

* Has excellent wear resistance

* Very flexible

* Very stable material

* Low coefficient of friction

The chemicals do not leach into the contents stored in the bottle

From the point of view of food and beverage storage the last point is most important, chemicals do not leak into the product stored.

There are many uses for PET plastics both in the industrial and consumer related field, a few examples of the more common uses are:

* Water and soda bottles, peanut butter jars and packaging for frozen food.

* Cosmetic containers

* Chemical storage including household cleaning products

Plastic bottle suppliers turn to PET even when they could use other plastics, they do this because PET is strong and extremely durable. Most products made from PET plastic can be reused many times and eventually it will be sent for recycling. The material is transparent, a property that is needed for the storage of many products and materials. As it is easy to mold into any shape, it can easily be resealed. With all of these beneficial properties, it is also a very inexpensive plastic to use.

Once PET plastics have been recycled they are sold as RPET, the “R” indicating that the material is recycled from PRT. Although RPET cannot be used to make food and beverage containers it can be found in many other products ranging from T-Shirt fabrics to artificial timber. This material is used in polyester based carpets as well as fiberfill for winter clothing and sleeping bags.

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