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by | Jul 2, 2014 | Business & Society

If you’re looking for one piece of key information, one piece of knowledge that would forever change the way you clean your large surfaces, that tip would be, plastic blast media.

This amazing 21st century cleaning technique has revolutionized the cleaning industry; where once people would scrub for hours, paint over their surfaces or even have to buy a new product, now you can begin as if new, adding a brand new sense of life to any old, worn and torn or dirty surface. Blast media technology is a fast growing industry as more and more people are coming round to the idea that this really is an easier and better way. Either using the handheld cannon or a standalone machine, this technique can cope with almost any demand; Walls, floors, cars, boats, planes, engines and even electronics, plastic blast media really does it all.

What is Plastic Blast Media?

Plastic blast media is essentially “exactly what it says on the tin.” Using modern technology, plastic is formed into three different substances: T-2 Urea, T-3 Melamine, and T-5 Acrylic. These range from superior powerful cleaning for all those impossible to remove substances, such as carbon deposits and corrosion, to a lighter, more delicate clean for your oils, paints, primers and any flash on your encapsulated circuit boards. These substances have been specially designed for cleaning any product and have proven themselves time and time again so such an extent that even the US military, from the Air Force to the Army, use them. These products have really been tried, tested and used by the best.

Why Not Use Other Cleaning Products?

Most people would think, “Why should I use this when I can simply scrub with bleach, use chemical cleaning, or maybe even dry ice blasting?” The answer is simple, safety combined with quality cleaning power. This cleaning method is proven to be safer than most other effective products on the market; by using plastic instead of chemicals you elevate the need to engulf yourself, or even your home in harsh, dangerous chemicals. Also as supposed to using other blast methods, like nickel or copper slag, you significantly lower the risk of burns or injury when applying. When cleaning your items, this method really does guarantee the result you want without gratuitous risk. It really is the cleaning product of the 21st Century.

If you’re tired of cleaning all you surfaces by hand, tired of having to repeat the same actions time and time again while each time noticing the quality of your item slowly getting worse, no matter how much you clean it, plastic blast media really is the answer for you.

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