Keep Your Baby Safe in Your Home with Corner Guards

by | Nov 6, 2015 | Aluminum Supplier

Is your baby already starting to crawl on her own? Is she getting faster every day? Milestones in your baby’s life are an exciting time. But it also reminds you to take the necessary precautions. After all, you wouldn’t want your baby to run smack into the wall or corners and hurt herself? Why not try corner guards, then?

Protect Walls from Damage
These items are typically made of plastic and act as shields that wrap around the corners of walls in your house. This handily protects your walls from scratches and peeling, all of which could cause your paint job to age prematurely. However, this is only a handy side-benefit to having these plastic shields installed in your home. More importantly, though, these shields provide your kids with ready protection.

Safety Feature
According to MyChildSafety, putting corner guards in place provides you with a way to effectively baby-proof your home. By covering up the sharp edges of your walls, you won’t have to worry about your baby running around corners and hurting herself on those edges.

Other Child Safety Tips
Aside from installing these plastic shields in strategic spots in your home – those spots where your baby loves to run around – here are other safety tips you can follow to keep your baby safe from bumps and sharp edges.
1. Have coffee tables? Use corner guards to keep your crawling toddler protected against the legs of the table. This way, your baby can crawl around to her heart’s content without having to meet with accidents and tables legs that could put scratches or bruises on her delicate skin.
2. Use tempered glass for your tables. That way, if it shatters, it’s going to break into small pieces instead of the shards that come from regular glass. That cuts down considerably on the danger factor.
3. Get rid of your table runner. While that table runner might look gorgeous with that vase, you’re likely giving your toddler a chance to make trouble. After all, table runners easily prove irresistible for toddlers, who often love to pull and yank on things. So make sure nothing – no vase, glass or plates – is on that runner. Otherwise, these might fall and hit your baby on the head.
4. Keep any easy-to-break furniture out of tables. That way, if your toddler kicks at the table, she won’t be able to dislodge anything from the surface, which means zero accidents and injuries.
So get these child safety measures in place. Start putting those corner guards in your home today.

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