Installing Locking Fuel Caps

by | May 9, 2018 | Electronics and Electrical

You may wonder why you need locking fuel caps, but did you know that a single car can release over 30 gallons of evaporated fuel into the environment in a single year? All of this can be attributed to a poorly fitted fuel cap or a fuel cap with a deteriorating seal. Locking fuel caps provide a better seal and greater longevity before they begin to deteriorate, thus preventing fuel evaporation, loss, and pollution. Locking fuel caps can also prevent fuel theft in areas that may be prone to such issues.

The Installation Process

Locking fuel caps can be used both in the locked and unlocked position. To install the gas cap, simply insert it into the opening in the gas tank. Make sure you push it in snugly until it doesn’t go in any further. If you have issues getting it to form a tight seal, you may have a poorly fitted gas cap.

Once you’ve inserted the gas cap, turn it to the right. Continue to turn it until it “clicks” and you meet resistance, and can’t turn it any farther. This completes installation in the unlocked position.

Locking the Fuel Cap

To lock the fuel cap, insert the key and turn it to the right. It takes approximately a half turn before you can remove the key, again; once you can remove the key the fuel cap should be effectively locked into place. Make sure to store the key somewhere safe, preferably on your key ring, so you don’t lose it.

Unlocking and removing the Fuel Cap

Unlocking the fuel cap is as easy as locking it. Insert the key and turn it to the left, once again moving it a half-turn until it unlocks and you can remove the key. Grip the fuel cap and twist it to the left until it comes loose.

What If I Lose My Fuel Cap?

Fuel caps generally come in standard sizes, so replacing one is easy. While it’s always best to get an original manufacturer fuel cap designed for your make and model, you can usually find generic off-the-shelf fuel caps that fit just as well. Your vehicle manufacturer might not offer an OEM locking fuel caps, so to use them you’ll need to find and purchase a brand of cap best designed to fit your car. A loose fuel cap can lead to fuel loss, so always do your best to make your fuel cap fit as snug as possible. Browse the website for more information.

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