3 Common Errors in Pharmaceutical Packaging

by | May 7, 2018 | Plastic Fabrication Company

Packaging mistakes can kill your ROI. If you’re new in the market and you’re looking for ways to improve consumer engagement, here are common packaging mistakes you’ll want to avoid.

Lack of key information

Packaging and labeling must provide accurate prescription information at all times. This means the addition of important details. Poor packaging and mislabeling can lead to drug misuse which could result in dangerous side effects for patients. Done poorly, your packaging could pose risks to patient safety. A supplier with years of experience in packaging solutions knows how important information accuracy is in this case and can fix the problem to ensure zero errors and mistakes.


The FDA sets clear guidelines on pharmaceutical packaging. All labeling must be designed in compliance with current regulatory requirements, the Packaging World says. Failure to comply can lead to issues with the product, resulting in inevitable recalls. That’s going to cost you a substantial amount of potential fines. Also, product recalls can damage your company’s public image and reputation. Don’t want to have to deal with all these problems? Partner up with a competent pharmaceutical packaging provider. The right one will ensure compliance with your packaging designs.

Technical errors

Poor designs can mislead customers. But technical errors in functional components of the artwork can lead to more problems. For instance, if the product barcode is wrong or dosage information, that could lead to a ton of hassle and headaches. Ensure these components work without a hitch. Hire the services of a reliable packaging supplier to eliminate these problems. With much-needed assistance from packaging experts, you won’t need to spend extra time untangling that mess.

Avoid these three common packaging errors. Save on costs and improve consumer engagement by getting these right. Look for a supplier to partner with to improve the packaging designs and labeling solutions for your business for the long-term.

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