How to Install A Marine Battery Charger

by | May 30, 2016 | Business

Keep your boat battery working. You wouldn’t want to be stuck at sea with a dead one. Don’t know how to install it? It’s a fairly simple process. Here are some pointers:

Choose quality

It can be tempting to opt for cheap brands out in the market for their cost-savings but these aren’t going to last you for very long. These units are often distinguished by alligator-type battery clamps and lack sophisticated circuitry that ends up overcharging your batteries. You might end up having to spring for new batteries and blow your boating budget off. So choose quality. An excellent marine battery charger can connect permanently with your battery bank, even for weeks, without causing your batteries harm.

Pick out a spot

While it’s ideal to keep your batteries and charger close together, don’t install your charger above your batteries. Escaping gas could damage your charger otherwise. They also need good ventilation, says BoatUS. Follow the instructions that come with your charger.

Mount it up

Install the charger with self-tapping screws. Stainless steel nuts and bolts are also a good idea, so long as it’s kept protected from moisture and rust. Don’t install it too close to your compass either or you could get compass deviation.

Deal with the wires

Connect the charger by installing the AC and DC wiring. Ensure that the DC wiring size is compliant with the manufacturer’s recommendations, which is dependent on the distance your charger has from your battery. Keep the wire run short. The longer it is, the larger the voltage drop, or power loss, you’ll end up with is. Check if all cables are properly supported. You can use plastic clips for support.

Check connections

Recheck everything for one last time. When everything checks out, then you’re all set and ready to go on your next boating trip! For more details on battery chargers, contact us at EWCS.

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