Type, Form And Material Of Washers

Metal washers are thin, disc shaped plates with a hole in the middle; they are used to distribute the load placed on the threaded fasteners such as a machine screw and nut. Although load distribution is the primary purpose of a washer, they also stop any marring of the material as the bolt head or nut turns while the assembly is being tightened. There are specialty washers available for unique applications, these washers act as a spring or locking device.

Type and form of washers:

Metal washers can be placed into three distinct categories:

  • Plain washers: these spread the load and prevent damage to the surface of the material under the fastener assembly
  • Spring washers: Used to prevent fasteners from coming loose from vibration
  • Locking washers: Also used to prevent fattener loosening by preventing rotation of the fastener

Let’s have a closer look at plain washers which are by far the most often used:

The typical plain washer has an outer diameter about twice that of the hole in the middle, these washers are used in literally thousands of applications and are primarily used to spread the load of the fastened joint over a larger area. If the material is quite thin, perhaps little more than sheet metal, the washer that is usually specified is called a “fender washer.” This ratio of outside diameter to hole diameter is much larger.

A common specialty washer is a Belleville washer, this washer has a slight conical shape and is designed to deform and flatten when torque is applied.

Metal washer materials:

Metal washers are produced in numerous materials; they are used for specific applications, especially where there are issues of corrosion or sanitary considerations. The most common material of course is steel with a final galvanized finish; however, metal washers are available in a range of special alloys, aluminum, brass and copper.

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